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Increasing empowerment and mattering of voices, clarity of vision and communication, culture of dignity and collaboration, in a system-focused, trauma-informed, healing-centered approach for individuals, families, organizations and communities














Fine-Tune or Repair Your Relationships


Become Your Own Best Ally and Change-Maker


Take a systemic lens and journey on your situation

Increase your Family or Team Engagement and Collaboration

Transform Conflicts and Create Change Together 


I am a relational, culture & climate, restorative ICF-Certified Professional Coach, consultant and trainer, with over the last 15 years in working with individuals, partners, parents, educators, schools, professionals, and teams in increasing connection, courageous communication, collaborative climate, inclusive and equitable culture, and transformative leadership and empowering parenting.


I work with people ready to dig deep into roots causes of current issues or conflicts, explore courageous inquiries and set up the new solutions, agreements, routines or norms that will offer best inclusion, mattering, respect and care.

My exploration approach often follows a zoom-in/zoom-out on the interpersonal, interpersonal, group/family systems and environmental/systemic levels to find the blockages and remedies to re-establish a renewed flow.

Contact me today if you have been wanting support, accompaniment and new skills towards a better relating with yourself, your loved ones, your teams, the people and work vision you manage.

I am a facilitator, teacher and always a continued learner of Restorative Practices, Leadership Coaching, Systemic Family Constellation, Nonviolent Communication, Mediation, Peer Mediation, somatic/body-based practices (SE, Focusing, yoga, mindfulness, breathwork), Attachment relational repair work (Sue Johnson, Diane Poole Heller, Peter Levine), Interpersonal Neurobiology (Dan Siegel), polyvagal theory (Stephen Porges, Deb Dana), shadow work (Debbie Ford), and other healing modalities.

I am a single mother of two DC public-schooled children who are my biggest teachers and a multi-cultural French-American living in DC for over 20 years. My roots are deep in Celtic land and traditions. I am a humble and persistent learner in power privileges and social justice efforts at all intersections and welcome all feedback to keep us returning back towards each other.

Build a proactive environment of inclusive and respectful relationships and collaboration

Understand your child or students behaviors and increase your resources to establish rapport and growth towards learning.

Understand your family system's relational and historical field's impact on your current aspirations and struggles and find more flow onward

Whether you are looking to fine-tune your partnership or heal some recent hurt or rupture, or maybe unroot the mysteries behind the deep seated differentials that hinder your love, I support my clients at any stage of relating with no other focus in mind that serving all parties involved to more truth, care and resilience.  I have supported clients on the brink of divorce, on their parenting discords, through affairs, addictions, losses and deep struggles like chronic and terminal diseases. I use attachment-based, trauma-informed communication and restorative practices to support repairs in dignity, connection and resolutions often resulting in relationship transformation.  

Whether you are longing to find more self-confidence and warmth for all of yourself, or you want to find more clarity and power for change behind your frustrations, anxieties depression or evasions of life, or again want more cohesion and capacity in making better choices for yourself and others, come and see if coaching can support you towards greater sense of power, choice, connection and (self)love.  My coaching sessions are completely catered to you, your goals, your various states. Call now to schedule a session.

Find clarity of the roots of issues, freedom and new movements from stuck or repetitive patterns or dis-ease. Most of our pains and struggles make sense from a complex understanding of family system. From what unfolded in our own lifetime to what our ancestors lived through, all "marks" us or "entangles" us in patterns that are seeking acknowledment, inclusion and healing.  Individual and Group sessions. 

Our human journey eventually brings us to face some of the big "D"s of life: Disease, Disappointments, Disillusions, Disconnects, Divorce, Death ... How we support ourselves - and others - through the fears, grief, anger and more toxic feelings of shame and resentment will inform whether we keep the trauma locked in our body or process it out with care and compassion. I use somatic-based, Polyvagal-informed practices among many other healing modalities to support warm accompaniment and resilience building back to movement, vitality and social engagement. I support my clients through chronic and complex trauma states and improve their capacity to recognize, regulate, relate and re-create new options for themselves.  This approach is also steeped in systemic curiosity and understanding of the relational, cultural, historical and environmental field in which my client operates.


Words have the power to destroy or heal. When words are true and kind, they can change our world.



Phone: 202-257-3376


Learn powerful skills and gain greater understanding of brain development to support the young people in your care to grow and learn through mistakes and fails and become engaged contributors and learners in your home or classroom. 
*Certified Positive Discipline Educator
and Restorative Justice Trainer

Creating trusted rapport is a crucial step towards collaboration. More than team building games , learn what it takes to proactively co-create relationships and organizations systems of trust, inclusion and shared decision-making at home, within schools and organizations.

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