The Peace Circle Center & Core2Coeur Coaching
are Merging
... and ...
is Emerging!

After 12+ years of two different sites holding space for the restorative/transformative justice consulting, coaching, facilitating and training work in schools, organizations and communities and for the trauma-informed, attachment-focus, systemic family approach coaching practice, I am delighted to combine all my services and offerings into one new site.  


These macro and micro foci on relational culture are now coming together to give you a better full view on the Zooming In and Zooming Out relational and systemic needs that may calling for healing or empowering in yourself, your partnership, your family, your teams, your work environment. 

Whether you are ....

... an individual looking for clarity, healing and empowerment for yourself

... a partner/partners looking for communication and relational healing or "right next move" with respect for all 

... a parent looking at more connection (or sweetness of connection) with their child or youth

... a teacher,team of deans or a school principal looking at culture and climate as well as behavior responses with a restorative, growth-mindset and system-inclusive approach

... a community or congregation leader/s wanting to increase community's capacity for deeper connection, systemic inclusion and social justice, conflict "capacity" and resilience for belonging

.... an HR or team leader, CEO or nonprofit visionary looking for a relational systemic culture that honors the people working for you and your vision, increases transparency and collaboration and invites a culture of shared leadership

... I am here with and for you!

In these times of website alchemy, I thank you for your patience and hope you'll come back to visit soon! 


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CONTACT ME any time for an introductory call or consulting request.

Mali Parke, CPC

     A Sneak Peek .... 

Come Back Soon or Ask Me About ...  

Equity and Inclusion Culture Coaching

Organizational / Family / Group Climate & Connection Coaching

Brain-Development Informed Education & Parenting Coaching

Team, Group and Family Conflict Transformation

Social, Community and Systemic Family Agreements & Processes

Restorative & Transformative Justice and Practices

Conflict Transformation and Positive/Empowering Discipline

Systemic Family Constellations

Neuroscience Based Empowerment and Healing

Human Dynamics and Family Systems Understanding

Intergenerational Trauma Healing

Focusing, Mindfulness, Body-Based Awareness and Practices

and more ... 

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